dr hab. Katarzyna Małek, prof. NCBJ

Office: 520

Phone number: +48 22 273 2841

E-mail: name.lastname (at) domain
Domain: ncbj(.)gov(.)pl
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Science interests:

My expertise covers spectral energy distribution fitting, implementing machine learning algorithms for astrophysical data, spectroscopic redshift measurements, and optical counterparts for gamma ray burst (it was a topic of my master thesis and a part of my PhD thesis). I am also a dedicated supervisor. I particularly enjoy working with young researchers and inspiring them to pursue a scientific career. My current research activities focus on modelling spectral energy distribution of galaxies observed from optical to far infrared wavelengths. I am mostly working with infrared detected galaxies; I enjoy engaging in public outreach activities, where I can tell other people about my passion.


List of publications


Grant NCN SONATA-BIS: AstroDust