dr Michael Romano

Office: 511

Phone number: +48 22 273 2849

E-mail: name.lastname (at) domain
Domain: ncbj(.)gov(.)pl


Science interests:

My main interests regard the study of dusty primeval galaxies populating the early Universe and their link to present-day sources, that is fundamental to investigating the processes driving galaxy formation and evolution. Specifically, I want to know how much dust hides in obscured galaxies and how it affects the estimate of their physical properties, like stellar masses and star-formation rates. To do this, I combine multi-wavelength data, from the UV to the sub-mm, from different space and ground telescopes (e.g., HST, ALMA, Spitzer), to do spectral-energy distribution (SED) fitting and morpho-kinematic analysis. I am part of the DINGLE project (PI Ambra Nanni) which aims to model the formation of dust around evolved stars, using this information to characterize different kinds of galaxies by comparing models and observations through cosmic time.

List of publications