mgr Mahmoud Hamed


Office: 508

Phone number: +48 22 273 2849

E-mail: name.lastname (at) domain
Domain: ncbj(.)gov(.)pl


Science interests:

My research is mainly focused around infrared galaxies. These galaxies exhibit large reservoirs of dust grains in their interstellar media, enveloping their cold molecular clouds where stars are born. Dust is one of the most crucial components of galaxies and it plays a vital role in their evolution. I use spectral energy distribution modeling to recover the physical properties of these galaxies. This encompasses all the physical and chemical complexities that are behind the progenitors of the galaxies that we observe in our local Universe. I use Herschel-detected galaxies from the HELP catalogue, coupled with observations from ALMA. This is allowing us to investigate dust and its manifestation in galaxies at different redshifts, and therefore to study closely attenuation laws - a key element to investigate giant and infrared-bright galaxies.