prof. dr hab. Marek Biesiada

Office: 503

Phone number: +48 22 273 2844

E-mail: name.lastname (at) domain
Domain: ncbj(.)gov(.)pl


Science interests:

My research interests comprise theoretical and observational cosmology, gravitational lensing and gravitational waves. In particular I'm interested in development of new cosmological probes alternative or complementary to the standard ones like SNIa, BAO and CMB. Such new probes could be strong gravitational lensing systems combined with stellar kinematics of lensing galaxies, miliarcsecond compact radio sources of intermediate luminosity, QSOs observed in UV and X-ray calibrated as standard candles, cosmic chronometers or standard sirens (gravitational waves from inspiralling compact binary systems). Currently I'm interested in testing various aspects of accelerated expasnion of the Universe (so called dark energy problem), determination of cosmic curvature from local cosmological probes and testing General Relativity against modified gravity theories. My past interests comprised: multidimensional cosmological models, theory and applications of dynamical systems and invariant description of deterministic chaos in General Relativity.  

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