7th edition of the LIDER Programme

Objective of the LIDER programme targeted at young Polish scientists (Polish citizerns or residents holding their PhD degree for not more that 5 years and below 35 at the day the competition is opened not counting any documented parental absence-of-leave periods) is to help them learn how to plan research on their own, manage and lead their own research team while carrying out projects likely to be implemented on the market. Maximum grant amount is 1.2 million PLN. Applicants must apply together with some private or public scientific institution engaged in R&D activities.

Competition detailed rules, agreement/attachment forms and other documents may be downloaded from the http://www.ncbr.gov.pl/en/domestic-programmes/lider/ Webpage.

Applications will be gathered via an on-line electronic system during the January 14 - March 14, 2016 period. The system will be made available soon on the NCBR – LIDER VII webpage.

You can ask questions concerning 7th edition of the LIDER Programme by e-mail: lider@ncbr.gov.pl