Director General

Research sector

(DN) Deputy NCBJ Director, Science
(DI) Deputy NCBJ Director, Innovations & Implementations
Nuclear Facilities Operations Department  (DEJ)
Material Physics Department (DFM)
Department of Fundamental Research (DBP)
Department of Nuclear Techniques & Equipment(DTJ)
Department of Complex System (DUZ)
Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (DIZ)

Functional sector

Director's Office
  • (DAt) Director Assistant
  • (AtS) Secretaries’ Office
  • (DBHP) Occupational H&S Office
  • (DRz) Spokespersons
  • (DK) Communication/Promotion Office
  • (DRP) Solicitor
  • (DAW) Internal auditor
  • (DZSZ) Director Proxy for Integrated Management System
  • (DZJ) Quality Assurance Office
  • (DBO) Director's Proxy for Security & Classified Information
    • (BO) Security & Classified Information Office
  • (DPm) Director's Proxies
(DS) Scientific Secretary 

Research Support Department

(DA) Deputy NCBJ Director, Administration & Technical Matters

Administration & Technical Matters Department

  • (AZ) Requisition Office
  • (AI) Constructional Projects Office
  • (AZP) Tender Office
  • (AT) Administrative & Technical Division
    • Archive
    • Clerk office
  • (AN) Chief Engineer
  • (AS) Świerk Centre Technical Service
    • (ASD) Dispatchers on Duty
    • (ASR) Preparation and Financial Settlement of Constructional Projects
    • (ASM) Power & Mechanical Works
    • (ASE) Electric System Division
    • (ASB) Constructional Works
  • (AP) Świerk Centre Fire Protection Squads

(ZTS) Bus Transport Division

(DJ) Deputy NCBJ Director, Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection

Nuclear Safety and Health Protection Department

  • (JA) Świerk Centre Emergency Squads
  • (JE) Fissile Materials Accounting Office
  • (JM) Medical Prevention Centre
(DE) Deputy NCBJ Director for Economy

Economics Department

  • (EK) Chief Accountant
    • (KF) Financial Accounting Office
    • (KR) Payroll
  • (EF) Financial Controller
    • (FP) Planning & Analyses Office
  • (EP) Human Resources Office
  • (EI) IT Division

(OR) POLATOM Radioisotope Production Centre


Nuclear Safety Commission

Scientific Council


valid as of January 1, 2016