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European XFEL plans ultrahigh-speed network connection to Poland

Euroean XFEL press release: Data from experiments will also be processed at partner institute NCBJ in Otwock-Swierk. ----

New materials for NP were discussed in Warsaw

Meeting of the JPNM EERA working group (Joint Programme for Nuclear Materials European Energy Research Alliance) was held in Warsaw from 17th to 19th June. EERA is an advisory unit of EC, which handles funding of research related to power generation. JPNM is a platform which handles research of materials for nuclear power industry. ----

POLAR-2 will fly into space

A list of experiments, which will be placed on board the Chinese space station, as a part of cooperation between China and ONZ, has been announced on 12th of June in Vienna. Among the nine experiments accepted for execution there is the POLAR-2: Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimetry on the China Space Station. The project has been prepared by a consortium with participation of NCBJ. ----