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C-BORD system kontroli ładunków

C-BORD: Cargo control can be faster and more effective

Gdańsk - container port (foto: NCBJ)
Mission of the European C-BORD project, finalised in November 2018, was to develop and test a complex, affordable solution for inspecting containers and large cargo on EU borders. The project involved five control methods and the obtained results prove, that their integration into a functioning system is entirely possible. The participants of the project were, among others, scientists from NCBJ and the National Revenue Administration. ----

C-BORD project

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The mission of C-BORD is to develop and test a comprehensive cost-effective TRL-7 solution for the generalised inspection of container and large-volume freight in order to protect EU borders, coping with a large range of container non-intrusive inspection (NII) targets, including explosives, chemical warfare agents, illicit drugs, tobacco, stowaways and Special Nuclear Material (SNM). ----