Cookies Policy

“Cookies” are small files stored on netizens’ devices by visited Websites. Data stored in the file identify the given netizen’s hardware/software platform and preferences, and help to optimally display pages served by the site that placed the given cookie in the first place. Usually „Cookies” contain name of the site they originate from, lifetime during which they are to be stored in netizen’s device memory, and unique number. However, cookie files may also be used to aggregate anonymous statistical data that may be subsequently analyzed and/or processed to help to better understand how netizens use individual pages of the site. That way the structure and/or contents of the site pages may be improved up to the expectations of majority of the site users. Personal identification of any given user is excluded.

Internet browsers by default accept cookies. However, each user may re-define the settings to lock out cookies at all, or else to display alert at every attempt to store a cookie by a visited site. You can find detailed information on cookie-related settings  in your Internet browser’s on-line help system.

Be however warned that if you disable cookies, some functions offered by some Websites may become unavailable.