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Training courses

NCBJ Education & Training Division offers:

  • Training courses for teachers — single-day or weekend courses/workshops for high-school teachers of physics (and other sciences). Their objective is to supplement teacher's knowledge on nuclear physics/power generation/ionising radiation. Methodoly of teaching those subjects will also be discussed.
  • Internal courses in radiation protection
  • Training courses for Accelerator Operators (A-A)
  • Training courses for Radiation Protection Officers (IOR-1)

We recommend also:

  • Annual International School on Nuclear Power. Objective of the School is to supply all attendees with reliable information on nuclear power industry, safety of nuclear facilities, nuclear waste managament, social aspects of nuclear power programmes, choice of an optimal reactor for Poland.
  • Teach Yourself/Quiz webpage (available soon) on basic facts on radiactivity, structure of atoms, structure of nuclei, and the related units of measure. Targeted mainly at students of the highest classes in high-schools, but may be useful/interesting for all interested in such topics.