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Scientists from NCBJ sent educational detectors in near outer space

Start balonu z detektorami CosmicWatch (foto: Katarzyna Frankiewicz / NCBJ)
On 22nd September, Saturday, during an international conference Near Space 2018 in Toruń, a weather balloon sent a capsule with specially adapted set of two educational detectors CosmicWatch into near outer space. The capsule was prepared by scientists from National Centre for Nuclear Research. ----

Recruitment for doctoral studies PHD4GEN still ongoing

The organizers of doctoral studies on new generation nuclear reactor would like to inform, that despite a very attractive scholarship offer, there is still a few spots left. With this in mind, recruitment is prolonged indefinitely. For more information please refer to the announcement. ----

FNP will guarantee national funding for NOMATEN Centre of Excellence

The project of creating a Centre of Excellence in new materials NOMATEN, prepared in NCBJ, will receive funding from Foundation for Polish Science – as predicted by the agreement signed in Warsaw on September 6th. According to the rules of MAB PLUS competition, the proposal to FNP was submitted by two scientific leaders of the project: prof. Sergio Bertolucci, and prof. Paweł Sobkowicz. The competition was addressed towards beneficiaries of the Teaming programme, led by the European Commission. ----

Isotope energy storage?

Fragment prezentacji J.J. Carroll'a w NCBJ
Research work with metastable isotope of rhenium-186m has started in National Centre for Nuclear Research. Half-life of this isomer is approx. 200 thousand years, but it can be forced into a fast decaying nuclear state, which releases a much greater energy in its decay than the energy required to initiate the process. Because of this property, rhenium nuclei can be a viable energy storage. This research in Świerk will be funded by U. S Army Research Laboratory (ARL). ----

Book an educational excursion to Świerk

An excursion is sightseeing the Maria reactor
You may book an educational excursion to Świerk for the September-December 2018 period by phone (+48 22 273 16 12) starting August 20, 2018 8:30AM. ----

PHD4GEN: Second recruitment for doctoral studies

The second recruitment for doctoral studies in the field of new concepts of nuclear reactors (HTGR, DFR) is in progress. Applications for candidates can be sent by September 3; two weeks later an exam is provided. The studies will start from October 2018. ----