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Iodine from Świerk for half a million patients a week

A large portion of radioactive iodine-131 used in nuclear medicine all over the world is manufactured in Poland. Radioisotope Centre POLATOM, which operates within National Centre for Nuclear Research, exports iodine reagents and ready-to-use medical products to recipients on six continents. Isotopes needed to produce the radiopharmaceuticals are created in research reactor Maria. Products containing iodine-131 are used mainly in therapy and diagnostic of thyroid conditions. ----

Entrepreneurs can rest peacefully thanks to IT

A team of Polish researchers won in the first round of remote-access international competition Global Legal Hackathon 2018, which promotes innovative digital solutions in the area of law and legislation. The solution presented by dr Adam Zadrożny (NCBJ) and associates is based on blockchain technology and is meant to help the taxpayers document, that their business partner was a VAT taxpayer during the transaction. ----

A Polish Product of the Future from Świerk will help cancer patients

On March 1 in Warsaw, Polish Product of the Future recognitions were awarded in this year 20th anniversary competition organized by PARP and NCBiR. The winner was the IntraLine-IOERT intraoperative accelerator built at the NCBJ. The competition promotes innovative products and technologies which have a chance to appear on the domestic and the global market. ----

CentriX will X-ray almost everything

Signing the contract for financing the CentriX project
Soon, the National Center for Nuclear Research in Świerk will receive more than 17.6 million PLN from European Union toward setting up a research and implementation centre for CentriX industrial radiation techniques. On Monday, February 26, an agreement on financing the project Was signed by the Deputy Marshal of the Masovian Voivodeship, Ms. Janina Orzełowska, by a Member of the Masovian Voivodeship Board, Ms. Elżbieta Lanc and the Director of NCBJ, prof. Krzysztof Kurek. ----


In the latest edition of the National Science Center’s grant competitions, six scientists from the NCBJ have been successful. The most valuable achievement is in the SONATA BIS 7 competition. Dr Kamila Kowalska from the Theoretical Physics Division will receive almost 2.5 million PLN for her research on „Extensions of Standard Model with vector-like fermions.” ----

The first blood donation event in Swierk

An ambulance for blood collection, photo: RCKiK in Warsaw
The first blood donation event in Swierk will take place on February 16 (Friday) on the initiative of the NCBJ A-To-My sports club. All people working in the Institute can take part in it. We offer a special gift - the gift of life. ----

Polish scientists co-author an article in "Nature", describing an observation of forced release of energy from excited atomic nuclei

For the first time it was experimentally shown that atomic nuclei can be excited by catching an electron on unfilled atomic electron shell. The result can have both theoretical and practical application. The latest issue of Nature magazine reports about the discovery. Co-authors of the work are Polish scientists. ----

As many as three young scientists from NCBJ will receive a prestigious scholarship

Three researchers from NCBJ will receive a scholarship for outstanding young scientists from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Signing appropriate agreements with them will be finalized shortly. NCBJ is one of the 12 research institutions in Poland with the highest number of the honored scientists. ----