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Polish scientists co-author an article in "Nature", describing an observation of forced release of energy from excited atomic nuclei

For the first time it was experimentally shown that atomic nuclei can be excited by catching an electron on unfilled atomic electron shell. The result can have both theoretical and practical application. The latest issue of Nature magazine reports about the discovery. Co-authors of the work are Polish scientists. ----

As many as three young scientists from NCBJ will receive a prestigious scholarship

Three researchers from NCBJ will receive a scholarship for outstanding young scientists from the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Signing appropriate agreements with them will be finalized shortly. NCBJ is one of the 12 research institutions in Poland with the highest number of the honored scientists. ----

Professor Tadeusz Wibig – Science Promoter of 2017

Professor Tadeusz Wibig. Photograph from a private archive
The main prize in the PAP and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Competition for science promoters – for the achievements related to science popularization – Was awarded to prof. Tadeusz Wibig from the Faculty of Applied Physics and Computer Science at the University of Łódź and from the Astrophysics Division at the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Łódź.   ----

The Ministry of Energy accepts the Report recommending the implementation of HTGR reactors in Poland

Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna, fot. NCBJ
The Ministry of Energy informed that the Department of Nuclear Energy of the European Commission published a report by the departmental team for analysis and preparation of conditions for the implementation of high-temperature nuclear reactors. The team carried out a detailed analysis of the use of this type of reactors to cover the domestic demand for industrial heat with a temperature up to 700 ° C. ----

A new Road Map for European astroparticle physics research

A new Road Map concerning European astroparticle phisics development for the years 2017-2026 was published on 9th January 2018. At the top of this strategy one may find such directions of research as gravitational waves, neutrino, dark matter and gamma ray research. ----

CERAD contractor selected

The Cracow-based CP OK2 Sp. z o.o. company has won EU tender proceedings to build in Świerk a centre for design and synthesis of new molecularly targeted drugs (CERAD). The company has signed the contract to build the facility before July 2021. Facility equipment will include a modern proton/deuteron/alpha particle cyclotron dedicated to produce radioisotopes. ----

Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education officially rated NCBJ as a category A+ scientific unit

Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education officially rated NCBJ as a category A+ scientific unit. That highest category has been granted to a group of only 47 units selected among about 1,000 evaluated ones from all science fields. We have been included in a really elite group! ----

NCBJ solutions for cargo scanning

NCBJ-developed radiographic cargo scanner was presented during a two-day-long meeting organized in Świerk for some representatives of the Polish customs authorities and of the PiD Polska sp. z o.o. company. The meeting was an occasion to discuss capabilities of modern cargo scanners, as well as practical needs of Polish customs officers in respect to such systems. ----

9th International School on Nuclear Power: report

About 200 students from different institutions located in varios regions of Poland attended 9th International School on Nuclear Power (November 15-16, 2017) organized jointly by NCBJ and Polish Ministry of Energy Department of Nuclear Power in cooperation with the Faculty of Physics of Warsaw University and State Enterprise Radioactive Waste Management Plant. Summary report has been worked out by Prof. Andrzej Strupczewski. ----