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NCBJ will assist Kubara Lamina S.A. to deliver parts ordered for an US research super-laser

NCBJ and the Kubara Lamina S.A. company have reached framework agreement on cooperation, according to which NCBJ will conduct research, make test measurements, and technically evaluate microwave equipment produced by the partner, including parts ordered for the LCLS free electron laser currently under development at Stanford University in California. ----

Professor Andrzej Czachor (1934-2017) – in remembrance

Andrzej Czachor (1934-2017)
Professor Andrzej Czachor, a long-time NCBJ employee, top-class scientist, patriot and social activist dedicated to his ideals passed away on September 8, 2017. His works in the field of crystal lattice dynamics, crowned with the Drgania atomów w ciele stałym (Solid state atoms vibrations) monograph, are classical references to this very day. His scientific interests were initially focussed on problems caused by disorder within crystal and/or magnetic lattice. Over the years he became interested in some more universal problems. Ability to ask simple questions for which answers were by no means simple was among his distinctive features. ----

Centre for future materials in Świerk?

Scientists from NCBJ have started the NOMATEN project to establish in Świerk a Centre of Excellence with the mission to develop new materials for medicine, chemistry, nuclear industry and Hi-Tech. The project was granted 1 year-long funding from the European Union Teaming for Excellence programme. The funding will be used to develop detailed research agenda and a business plan for the Centre.   ----

No increase of radiation was observed by NCBJ

INCBJ has neither been notified of any accident/accident hazard in the Tihange nuclear power plant operated in Belgium nor was observing any increase/anomaly in background radiation levels during the last week. ----

First step towards computing XFEL data in Świerk

NCBJ and European XFEL GmbH officials are signing Memorandum of Understanding in Hamburg (photo: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ)
Memorandum of Understanding in the matter of computing in NCBJ’s Computer Centre in Świerk scientific data acquired during experiments run at XFEL was reached between NCBJ and European XFEL GmbH on September 1, 2017. ----

European XFEL inaugurated

European XFEL free electron laser built in Hamburg was inaugurated on September 1, 2017. The laser has brought about quite new experimental opportunities to physicists, chemists, biologists, and engineers all over the world. NCBJ co-owns the facility. ----

T2K presents hint of CP violation by neutrinos

Preliminary analysis of the most recent T2K data indicates that the hypothesis of equal probability of oscillations of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos may be rejected at the 95% (2σ) confidence level. Twice as much data for nuetrinos became available in 2017 as compared with 2016. T2K re-analysed all available data using a new algorithm of reconstruction of events recorded by the Super-Kamiokande far detector. The result have just been presented in KEK (Tsukuba, Japan). ----

VIRGO joined Observational Run 2

VIRGO lab - bird's eye view (Credits: N. Baldocchi/The Virgo Collaboration)
The project to upgrade VIRGO, European detector of gravitational waves, has come to end after a few years of accomplishment. On August 1, 2017 VIRGO officially joined Observational Run 2 to acquire data jointly with the two US-based LIGO detectors. Scientists running the VIRGO experiments include some researchers from NCBJ. ----

Book an educational excursion to Świerk

An excursion is sightseeing the Maria reactor
You may book an educational excursion to Świerk for the September-December 2017 period by phone (+48 22 273 16 12) starting August 24, 2017 8:30AM. ----

Another Hi-Tech company came to Świerk PNT

NCBJ Świerk Science & Technology Park (PNT) reached an agreement with the Cryptomind S.A. company. It will be the 33rd business entity located in PNT. The company is going to run CryptoLab, a cyber security lab. ----