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PHD4GEN: Second recruitment for doctoral studies

The second recruitment for doctoral studies in the field of new concepts of nuclear reactors (HTGR, DFR) is in progress. Applications for candidates can be sent by September 3; two weeks later an exam is provided. The studies will start from October 2018. ----

Polish free electron laser getting closer

The decision on allocating over 118 million zł on this project has reached NCBJ, where the before-mentioned device will be constructed. The project will receive scientific and technological support thanks to, among other things, cooperation of NCBJ with the creators of the most powerful device of this type in the world, operating in Hamburg for a year. ----

PolFEL will be built! Polish free electron laser in Świerk recieved funding

Today OPI has announced the authorised ranking list in POIR comperition No 2. Our project has reached second place and will recieve funding on the level over 118 million zł. Soon we will provide more information on this new, important device. ----

C-BORD: accurate and fast container control

For a few days, the only deep-water container terminal in Poland (DCT-Gdańsk) has been a place for testing of the dangerous and illegal cargo detection system, designed during the C-BORD project, which has been funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020.  ----

Scholarships for those eager to research neutrinos

Joanna Zalipska, PhD, who carries out a research grant from the OPUS programme of National Science Centre, is looking for people eager to cooperate in a MSc or PhD scholarship. The project funded by the Centre is titled „Correlated nucleon pairs in neutrino interactions” and is led by Prof. Jan Sobczyk from University of Wrocław. ----

Papers form POLATOM among the highest ranked publications in Nuclear Medicine Review

As many as three papers, whose authors are from Radioisotope Centre POLATOM, appeared on the list of five most frequently cited publications that could be found in Nuclear Medicine Review between 2015 and 2017. Their authors were awarded with diplomas granted by the officials from Nuclear Medicine Review (published via Medica) and the President of Polish Society of Nuclear Medicine. ----

EWA reactor launched 60 years ago

On the 14th June 1958 the first nuclear reactor in Poland Was launched. EWA (Experimental, Water, Atomic) begun its work in the Institute for Nuclear Research, created three years prior (predecessor of NCBJ). The reactor Was bought from USSR and its construction assumed thermal power of 2 MW and thermal neutrons’ flux density of 2*1013 neutrons/s*cm2. ----