IDEA - Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (DIZ)

Contact Data:

7 Pasteura,  02-093 Warsaw, email

Division Head:

Eng. Karol Wawrzyniak, Phd
7, Pasteura str.,  room 120
phone  +48 22 118 44 12


  • mathematical modeling of power systems using High Performance Computing (HPC),
  • generation, transmission, distribution and energy cross-border exchange,
  • problems related to security of energy supply, such as redispatching in addition to the risk of failure of power system (not satisfied criteria N-1, G-1),
  • modeling power flow in transmission grid, including European transmission network – UCTE system,
  • energy mix forecasts,
  • energy market structures: nodal model and zonal models of European energy market, designing zonal division for future European energy market,
  • determining the prices on the energy market and the volume of cross-border exchange using Market Coupling algorithm,
  • multi-agent approach for modeling market participants behavior in the energy market and in econo- and social sciences.