Notification of the public defense of the doctoral dissertation of Krzysztof Jodłowski M.Sc.


The Committee for PhD dissertations of the Scientific Council of the National Center for Nuclear Research announces the public defense of the doctoral dissertation of M.Sc. Krzysztof Jodłowski.

On June 22, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. in room 207, ul. Pasteura 7, 02-093 Warsaw, the public defense of the doctoral dissertation of M.Sc. Krzysztof Jodłowski will take place.

The subject of the dissertation:

Dark mat­ter as a labo­ra­tory for new ideas in phy­sics bey­ond the Stan­dard Model”.

The doctoral dissertation can be viewed at the NCBJ Library and on the website­nie Postę­po­wa­nie w spra­wie nada­nia stop­nia dok­tora mgr Krzysz­tofa Jodłow­skiego-23.03.2022 r. – Postę­po­wa­nia dok­tor­skie – Biu­le­tyn Infor­ma­cji Publicz­nej Naro­dowe Cen­trum Badań Jądro­wych (ncbj. gov. pl)

Link to participation in public defense:

https: //cern. zoom. us/j/66786736178?pwd=OERDMlBwZm5lNXA5bHNCU3ZEYTJi­UT09


Dr hab. Justyna Łagoda, prof. NCBJ

Chairwoman of the Proceedings Committee

on the award of the doctoral degree

mgr Krzysztof Jodłowski
Public defence date: 
Wed, 2022-06-22 13:00
sala 207, Pasteura 7
prof. dr hab. Leszek Roszkowski (Narodowe Centrum Badań Jądrowych)
Auxiliary tutor: 
Dr Seba­stian Tro­ja­now­ski (Naro­dowe Cen­trum Badań Jądro­wych)

prof. Brian Batell (Uni­ver­sity Pit­ts­burgh (USA))

prof. Ki-Young Choi (Sung­ky­un­kwan Uni­ver­sity w Suwon (Korea Płd.))

Dr hab. Krzysz­tof Turzyń­ski, prof. ucz. (Uni­wer­sy­tet War­szaw­ski)

Announcement date: 
Wednesday, 1 Jun 2022