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Late prof. Roman Żelazny

Prof. Roman Żelazny
theoretical physicist, a longtime employee of the Institute of Nuclear Research. Creator and the first director of CYFRONET. ----

Late Krzysztof Pytel, PhD

Krzysztof Pytel, PhD
The late Krzysztof Pytel was the supervisor of EWA and Maria reactors. He devoted his whole life to nuclear physics and research work. ----

Professor Adam Sobiczewski has passed away

Prof. Adam Sobiczewski
Professor Adam Sobiczewski passed away on October 20-th 2017. He was a world-class expert in theoretical nuclear physics, in particular, the structure and properties of heavy and superheavy nuclei. His most conspicuous scientific achievements were theoretical predictions of the spherical magic shells at Z=114 and N=184 (together with Gareev and Kalinkin) and of a new stability region for the A>100 deformed nuclei (jointly with D. A. Arseniev and V. G. Soloviev) ----

Professor Andrzej Czachor (1934-2017) – in remembrance

Andrzej Czachor (1934-2017)
Professor Andrzej Czachor, a long-time NCBJ employee, top-class scientist, patriot and social activist dedicated to his ideals passed away on September 8, 2017. His works in the field of crystal lattice dynamics, crowned with the Drgania atomów w ciele stałym (Solid state atoms vibrations) monograph, are classical references to this very day. His scientific interests were initially focussed on problems caused by disorder within crystal and/or magnetic lattice. Over the years he became interested in some more universal problems. Ability to ask simple questions for which answers were by no means simple was among his distinctive features. ----