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Industrial accelerators

Our offer includes: Radiographic accelerators. Capable to detect internal defects hidden inside steel objects of a thickness up to 100 cm. Main field of applications: quality assurance of load bearing constructional elements of bridges, viaducts etc. Accelerators dedicated for food irradiation and/or sterilization of medical supplies.   ----

TUKAN 8k multichannel analyser

TUKAN 8k multichannel analyser TUKAN 8k is a PC-controlled multichannel analyser of pulses generated by ionization radiation detectors (scintillation or semiconductor detectors). It can analyze amplitudes of incoming pulses (the MCA mode) or time distribution of the pulses (the MCS mode). ----

Spectrometric electronics

We offer a set of modular electronic instruments that together with Tukan8k multichannel analyser make up a complete spectrometer of ionising radiation. The set consists of a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector, a HV power supply, and a spectrometric pulse amplifier. Each module is implemented on a 3U x 220 mm printed circuit board. All modules are housed together in a standard EURO 3U cassette. ----