Dr. Michał Kowal, Professor in NCBJ

(BP2) Head of NCBJ Theoretical Physics Division
room 213
7 Pasteura str.
02-093 Warsaw
phone (+48) 22 273 28 20
e-mail michal.kowal@ncbj.gov.pl

Scientific interests

Scientific interests concern the study of the heaviest atomic nuclei and include:

  1. Cross sections predictions for superheavy nuclei.
  2. Stability analysis of the heaviest nuclear systems.
  3. Determination of basic nuclear properties such as nuclear masses, deformations, fission barriers, shell energies, etc…
  4. Studies of exotic nuclear configurations including atypical topologies like: tetrahedrons, super-deformations, and/or oblate nuclei.
  5. Puzzle of Hyper-deformation in actinides nuclei.
  6. High-K isomeric states.
  7. Search for hindrance mechanisms in main decay channels as fission or alpha decay.

The list of publications:


Dr hab. Michał Kowal, prof. NCBJ – fot. archiwum prywatne, Michał Kowal
Dr. Michał Kowal, Professor in NCBJ (Prof. Kowal's private archive)