Fullstack Python Developer | CIŚ

Competition opened on: 
13 Nov 2019 - 09:00
Application submission deadline: 
30 Nov 2019 (All day)

Who are we?

The Świerk Computing Centre (CIŚ) is one of the largest supercomputer centers in Poland. Our infrastructure not only supports “Maria” the only nuclear reactor in Poland, it is also utilised to crunch data collected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the European XFEL (free electron laser). We are a young team of enthusiasts working with cutting edge technology.

We research, design and create novel IT solutions that provide accessible interfaces to huge computing resources. At work we use diverse range of technologies: asynchronous, parallel and high performance computing (HPC), proven frameworks like Django or React+Redux, SQL and NoSQL databases, Docker containers and orchestration techniques. At our core we are a research institute which translates to a creative atmosphere and personal development possibilities.

Work location – Otwock-Świerk near Warsaw

Some examples of our projects are:

  • National Platform for Cybersecurity (https://mc.bip.gov.pl/standaryzacja-bezpieczenstwa/npc-narodowa-platform...)
  • Renderownia Świerk – a renderfarm service with web and plugin based interfaces for remote rendering of 3D animations on our supercomputer
  • Transfer Agent – a service responsible for management of data transfers between European XFEL and cooperating computing centres
  • REBUS service – a support application for planning of nuclear reactor “Maria” fuel campaigns

What we offer:

  • stable working conditions without overtimes
  • creative atmosphere within young team focused on innovative, state of the art solutions
  • good learning environment
  • participation in innovative research projects


  • good knowledge of Python
  • familiarity with good programming practices and design patterns. We expect that you can create well tested and clean code
  • experience with Django or Flask and SQLAlchemy
  • experience with open source SQL databases
  • experience with one of frontend technologies and frameworks: ReactJS, AngularJS
  • good theoretical basis. Understanding how tools work under the hood
  • good knowledge of Linux
  • familiarity with parallel processing techniques

We appreciate:

  • 2+ years of experience in the field
  • experience in asynchronous programming
  • experience different Python implementations like: Cython, PyPy, Jython
  • experience with NoSQL databases
  • experience with message queues: RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ
  • experience with CI/CD
  • versatile flexible developers
  • passion and thirst for knowledge
  • contribution to open source projects
  • sharing knowledge culture. 

You will help us in:

  • understanding needs and fast prototyping of solutions
  • developing new features for established CIŚ services e.g. Renderownia Świerk
  • designing and developing applications that enable scientists to seamlessly utilise supercomputers
  • building UIs to easily perform complicated calculations and visualize results in clear, elegant way
  • building APIs that enable creation of tools which utilise supercomputers in novel ways

Send your application via e-mail to: Rekrutacja.CIS@ncbj.gov.pl

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I agree / I do not agree to store my personal data in the NCBJ recruitment database for a period of 12 months, since the submission of this application, related to potential future recruitment processes.