Professor of the institute - medical coordinator

Competition opened on: 
5 Feb 2020 - 14:45
Application submission deadline: 
26 Feb 2020 (All day)

National Centre for Nuclear Research opens a competition for the position of professor of the institute as a medical coordinator at the Nuclear Facilities Operations Department based in Otwock – Świerk

Working time: 28 hours per week

Short description of tasks:

National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) is one of the largest scientific institutes in Poland, has the only one research reactor in Poland. The Nuclear Facilities Operations Department is working on the reactor research stand for the Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT).

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy is a type of bimodal radiotherapy, currently focused on head and neck cancers, brain tumors and skin cancers. The first stage of therapy focuses on the selective delivery of boron with the carrier to cancer cells by intravenous injection. Then the patient is exposed to low-energy neutron radiation. Thermal neutrons reach boron and  lead to a nuclear reaction - a decay reaction, as the result the cancer cell is destroyed. The advantage of therapy is that the whole process takes place at the cellular level. BNCT gives new development opportunities for doctors interested in new treatment methods.

National Centre for Nuclear Research is the coordinator of the scientific consortium on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy. Work in NCBJ opens perspectives for experimental and clinical research in Poland and cooperation with major research centers.

Ongoing biological research and preliminary research on new boron carriers, construction of a research and training station, as well as planned research on material similar to tissue, meant that the candidate for the position of medical coordinator would be involved in the process related to the development of preclinical studies for boron-neutron therapy.


  • Medical education, specialization: oncology, epidemiology
  • Scientific title : Doctor of Medical Sciences
  • At least 10 years of experience and knowledge of new methods of radiotherapy, including hadron therapy
  • Experience in acquiring and managing large research projects
  • Proven experience in acquiring, managing and working with large research teams
  • Experience in commercialization and implementation of development research results
  • Large organizational skills
  • Very good command of spoken and written English.

Additional advantages:

  • management of clinical trials in Poland and abroad
  • knowledge of molecular research in oncology
  • teaching skills
  • work in international institutions
  • participation in research and development work in the field of medicine
  • diagnostic knowledge of brain tumors and head and neck cancers.

What we offer:

  • Expert function for a young and dynamically developing research team
  • Possibility of scientific development on modern carriers for diagnostics and therapy
  • Possibility of cooperation with international environment conducting research on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy


  • CV,
  • copy of diploma confirming a Doctor of Medical Sciences degree,
  • application letter,
  • list of publications,
  • list of patents, practical applications etc.,
  • list of completed research projects
  • description of scientific achievements,
  • contact to references.


Edyta Michaś,
Nuclear Facilities Operations Department
(H2) Department of Radiological Metrology and Biomedical Physics

Documents should be sent to: until 26th February 2020.

As an attachment to your application please sign and enclose the following declarations:
I agree to the processing of my personal data included in this application for the needs necessary to carry out the recruitment.
I agree / I do not agree to store my personal data in the NCBJ recruitment database for a period of 12 months, since the submission of this application, related to potential future recruitment processes.