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Higher-twist corrections to nucleon tomography

At present the GPD phenomenology avoids higher-twist corrections with a rejection of kinematic domains where some corrections may be significant. In practice, it means that a fraction of experimental data is not analyzed and interpreted to access a valuable information about the nucleon structure. This kind of suppression of data, somehow arbitrary, could be avoided with higher-twist corrections taken into account. To address this problem, we present a work plan consisting of three main tasks. ----


SECURE project aims to make a major contribution to the sustainability of medical isotope production and its safe application in Europe. It is focusing on promising developments in the design of irradiation targets, production routes for existing and new isotopes in nuclear therapy and diagnostics. Isotopes critical in the success of nuclear medicine are selected and research activities such as Cu-64, Ag-111, Tb-161, Lu-177, Re-188, Au-199, Pb-212 and Ac-225 are identified to address some of the major challenges in securing its future availability. ----