Recruitment - Spring 2015

The National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) welcomes applications from young scientists for positions funded by the project:

Bayesian approach to multi-parameter problems in physics and beyond involving parallel computing and large data-sets within the framework of the WELCOME program of the Foundation for Polish Science.

We are looking for candidates for MSc-level student projects (stipends of 1000 PLN/month).

Students project will deal with theoretical aspects of a searching for "new physics" beyond the Standard Model of particle physics at the LHC and in particle astrophysics and cosmologii. Alternatively, it will  involve an application of Bayesian inference methods to environmental risk assessment in running chemical and nuclear plants. This aspect will be done jointly with Centre of Excellence for Management of Health and Environmental Hazards (CoE MANHAZ).

Strict deadline for receiving applications: 30 June 2015

Complete applications must be sent to:

prof. Leszek Roszkowski
Zakład Fizyki Teoretycznej (BP2), Narodowe Centrum Badań Jądrowych
00-681 Warszawa, ul. Hoża 69, Poland

A copy of the application (pdf or scan) must be sent via e-mail to