Nuclear Facilities Operations Department (DEJ)

Room 6, building R2A
05-400 Otwock-Świerk
tel. +48 22 273 10 80
tel./fax +48 22 273 12 18
addrees book DEJ
Director of the Department
Eng. Michał Gryziński PhD
tel. +48 22 273 10 80,
+48 22 273 11 57

Department scope of activities

1. R&D works on:

  • physics and technology of nuclear reactors
  • ionizing radiation dosimetry
  • methods of radiation protection/providing nuclear safety
  • applications of nuclear technologies.

2. Operation of Świerk nuclear reactors (for research and commercial activities).

3. Measurements/analyses done to provide nuclear safety and to verify operation of radiation protection systems in the Świerk research centre.

4. Radiation protection/nuclear safety-related measurements/analyses assigned by external entities.

Department Structure:

  1. MARIA Reactor Operations Division (EJ2)
  2. Reactor Research and Technology Division (EJ3)
  3. Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory (LPD).

MARIA Reactor Operations Division (EJ2)

Responsible for all aspects of every-day operations of the MARIA reactor (irradiations, overhauls/maintenance, radiation protection).

Reactor Research and Technology Division (EJ3)


  • Measurements/analyses related to operation of the MARIA reactor and storage of spent nuclear fuel.
  • Design/construction/assembly/tests/start up of all experimental devices mounted at the reactor.
  • Development of new reactor technologies/methods of handling spent nuclear fuel.
  • R&D works conducted with the help of the reactor.

Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory (LPD)


1. Based on a licence issued by the President of National Atomic Energy Agency, Head of LPD acts as Officer (IOR) for all NCBJ labs (except those operated in separate organisational units). IOR responsibilities include:

  • to verify exposure of NCBJ workers to ionizing radiation and to maintain records of radiation doses absorbed by each worker
  • to work out worker exposure verification/neighbourhood monitoring plans
  • to monitor on-line (24/7) and off-line (qualification samples) radiation levels in the environment at the Świerk research centre premises and in neighbourhood
  • to monitor traffic of radiation sources/radioactive waste
  • to carry out radiation protection-related activities at nuclear facilities, accelerators, radio-isotopes
  • to apply for funds necessary to maintain radiation protection system
  • to train new NCBJ employees in radiation protection basics
  • to organize (in cooperation with NCBJ Education & Training Division) periodic trainings in radiation protection for NCBJ employees qualified to exposition group A or B
  • to work out periodic reports on current status of radiation protection systems in Świerk and neighbourhood.

2. R&D works on:

  • improved methods of dosimetry of mixed radiation fields (including radiation beams) and internal contaminations (for medicine, radiation protection, nuclear power generation industry, environment protection) – this topic includes responsibility to maintain and develop accredited dosimetry labs.
  • in vitro/in vivo radiobiology and material studies using neutron beams.
  • computer Monte Carlo simulations based on phantom measurements.

3. Participation in works of national/international radiation protection organizations.

4. Expert opinions on radiation protection topics worked out for external orders.

5. Coordination of an international cooperation platform in research on the BNCT therapy.

LPD carries out also all tasks assigned/coordinated by NCBJ Deputy Director for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection.