Radiological Metrology and Biomedical Physics Division (H2)

Świerk, building 2

Division Head
Eng. Łukasz Bartosik, PhD

Research Coordinator
Eng. Maciej Maciak, MSc

Secretary Office
phone: 22 273 10 09



  • Mixed Radiation Dosimetry Team - Szymon Domański, MSc
  • Radiation Transport Calculation Modelling Team - Katarzyna Tymińska, PhD
  • Natural Radioactivity Survey Team - Agnieszka Burakowska, PhD
  • Medical Physics and Nanodosimetry Team - Eng. Marcin Pietrzak, MSc
  • Biomedical Research Team - Edyta Michaś, MSc. Eng.


The Division conducts research and R & D works in the scope of:

  1. dosimetry methods and mixed radiation detectors development,
  2. mikrodosimetry and nanodosimetry,
  3. interaction physics of ionizing radiation with matter in the aspect of physical and biological nanometric structures,
  4. metrological tools development for synchrotron radiation dosimetry and other new radiation sources,
  5. passive and active neutron spectrometry methods,
  6. computer simulations using Monte Carlo methods based on phantom research,
  7. neutron and thermo-hydraulic calculations for reactor systems for beam conversion and shaping,
  8. methods of spectrometric analysis of natural radioactivity and spectrometric measurements of samples irradiated in the MARIA reactor,
  9. radiobiological research in vitro and in vivo as well as materials using neutron beams,
  10. development of infrastructure and research planning system for boron-neutron therapy.