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Optimization of the DC magnetohydrodynamic pump for the Dual Fluid Reactor

Muon antineutrino single charged pion production cross-section measurement.

Accelerator testing for nuclear materials – the JANNuS-Saclay multiple ion beam irradiation facility

Scale invariance at low accelerations (MOND) as an alternative to dark matter

Simulation and experimental validation of beryllium poisoning in MTRs

How does one look inside of the proton?

Mixing and Nuclear Uncertainties in Low-Metallicity AGB Stars: The Impact on Stellar Structure and Nucleosynthesis

Analiza ryzyka awarii instalacji przemysłowych z wykorzystaniem prototypu systemu RAT-IF

Looking for Beyond Standard Model short-lived particles with secondary production

Raman spectroscopic studies of Polymer Derived Ceramics in the form of protective coatings for SOFCs’ interconnects