Seminarium Departamentu Eksploatacji Obiektów Jądrowych

MARIA is 41 years old

Radioactive isotopes for medine and industry produced by 41 years old MARIA, an unique research facility operated in Świerk and the sole nuclear reactor in Poland, are used both home and abroad. However, MARIA's potential  is still not fully tapped in view of its insufficient or outdated infrastructure. Necessary developments include both commercial and research infrastructure. Current and potential capabilities of MARIA will be presented.

What is the MARIA reactor reactivity cost?

Cost of nuclear fuel that has to be replenished from time to time is the single most conspicuous component of costs of running the MARIA research reactor. The replenishment period depends primarily on reactor power and time of operation. However, some reactivity margin must be kept if the reactor is to run at high power densities during physical experiments and target irradiation. Reactivity margin is among the most important reactor operational parameters. Apart capability to run at high power levels, the parameter influences also reactor safety.