Seminarium Zakładu Energetyki Jądrowej i Analiz Środowiska

Estimation of Weibull distribution parameters using mesoscale modelling

Proper wind characteristic at the certain area is essential not only for weather forecasts, but also for many environment-related types of research, like air contamination analyses, including radiological emissions. Wind speed distribution and wind direction assessment are a part of the base of every sophisticated air contamination model. Wind assessments at different heights are useful for analyses of the wind energy sector.

Determination of the liquid eutectic metal fuel Dual Fluid Reactor design

The Dual Fluid Reactor (DFR) is a novel concept of innovative, high-temperature and fast nuclear reactor patented by an international group of scientist from the Institut fur Festkorper-Kernphysik (IFK) in Berlin. The distinctive feature of its design is the use of two independent liquid loops for the fuel (molten salts - DFRs or molten metal - DFRm) and for the coolant (liquid lead).

Gap vortex street formation in the bare rod bundles

Flows in tightly packed rod bundles have been known for a long time to have peculiar patterns, which are not encountered in generic geometries, such as pipes or other simple channels. These patterns, demonstrated by strong, transverse, large-scale motions across the narrow gaps between adjacent fuel elements or between a fuel element and the wall of

Integration of heterogeneous reliability data for DEMO-Oriented Neutron Source

The need for the qualification of materials to be used in fusion power reactors has been recognized for many years as an important part of the safety assessment and licensing process. The DONES facility (DEMO-Oriented Neutron Source) is being designed to operate an accelerator-based D-Li neutron source of sufficient intensity and irradiation volume to simulate the neutron flux and spectrum of the fusion reactors, thus creating the required conditions for materials testing. One of the main challenges of the DONES design development is reaching the high reliability and availability goals.