Femto-magnetism – a new area in physics and in data storage technology

Conversatory class
Speaker and affiliation: 
DSc. Andrzej Stupakiewicz, Białystok University Physics Faculty
Thu, 2017-09-14 11:30
Room 208 in the Science & Technology Park building in Świerk

Ultra-fast method to control spin using femtosecond light pulses is an intriguing area of fundamental research, recently developed at a fast pace. The speaker is going to present recent results published in January edition of Nature. A method to switch magnetization using only a single very short pulse of laser light will be outlined. That switching mechanism can be used to write information at the so-far record-high rate. Besides, a record-low amount of heat is dissipated during such process. Potential applications may directly impact future technologies of magnetic storage of computer data.

The seminar will be held in room 208 in the Science & Technology Park building in Świerk.
NCBJ bus leaves to Świerk at 10.25 am from entrance gate to the Hoża 69 premises in Warsaw.

Professor Ludwik Dobrzyński
Dr. Marek Kirejczyk


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