Inductance Coil Gun/magnetohydrodynamic ignition of explosives

Material Physics Department seminar
Speaker and affiliation: 
Eng. Andrzej Horodeński, MSc (NCBJ), and Dr. Cezary Pochrybniak (NCBJ)
Mon, 2017-10-23 11:30
Room 223 in the Świerk Science & Technology Park building

1. Inductance Coil Gun – computer simulation and measurements
Some topics related to electromagnetic catapulting of macroscopic objects will be presented.
Speaker: Eng. Andrzej Horodeński, MSc (NCBJ)

2. Concept of a magnetohydrodynamic ignition of not very sensitive explosives
A novel way to ignite explosives will be proposed. The proposed concept might improve safety of ammunition handling.
Speaker: Dr. Cezary Pochrybniak (NCBJ)