Technologies for safe development of nuclear power industry

Strategic research programme. Operational task 6: „To develop nuclear safety/radiation protection methods that would satisfy current and future needs of the nuclear power industry”.

Infrastructure and services for the power industry

Proposal submitted by: Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection  
Status: R&D network
Members of the network: Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection  
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
The Henryk Niewodniczański Institute of Nuclear Physics
Polish Academy of Sciences
Project value: 6,247,000 PLN
Grant amount: 6,000,000 PLN
Implementation time: August 31, 2011 – August 30, 2014

Project objectives:

  1. to develop innovative technologies/measurement methods that would warrant proper protection of population health and environment resources at every stage of development of nuclear power industry in Poland;
  2. to create mechanisms in Poland that would foster growth of technical/scientific/human resources capable to evaluate/monitor impact of nuclear power plant on health/environment while being competitively innovative in the worldwide scale. The mechanisms should foster growth of such Polish fields of scientific expertise as neutron radiation dosimetry, ionizing radiation detector technology, interactions of ionizing radiation with biological materials.

The four major goals outlined in the NCBiR invitation for grant proposals (to be attained within the project framework) include:

  1. To work out general approach to environmental studies (including impact on population health) at the planned nuclear power plant site.
  2. To develop methodology of bio-dosimetry/biophysical markers/indicators of radiation impact on living organisms.
  3. To adapt existing/develop new radiometric methods suitable for applications in radiation protection of personnel/population/environment around the power plant, including low-level dosimetry of isotopes emitted from the power plant, dosimetry in emergencies, and retrospective dosimetry.
  4. To develop new-generation radiometric instruments or to modernise the so-far used ones.

National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) will be responsible for 5 out of 18 project stages:

  • Stage 4: Brief foredesign for an active monitoring system around the planned power plant objects and a laboratory to passively monitor premises and vicinity of the plant
  • Stage 12: Measurements of internal contamination with radio-nuclides and personnel exposure evaluation
  • Stage 13: Development of neutron radiation dosimetry methodology
  • Stage 17: Development of new-generation instruments for radiometric surveys in neutron radiation fields or modernisation of the so-far used ones
  • Stage 18: Development of a highly-sensitive measurement station for logging neutron/gamma radiation fields

Contact person in NCBJ:

Eng. Michał Gryziński, PhD
phone +48 22 71 80 157