Laboratory of X-ray Radiation Physics


CuXRFv1 System prototype - tests in underground conditions in a copper ore mine.

The laboratory works on X-rays physics related projects. At the beginning of the decade the effort was focused on the construction of X-ray tubes. Currently the team's interest shifted toward applications.

Recent years have been busisy with the cooperation with a commercial partner. The experience gained in the implementation of industrial solutions, and in particular the ability to overcome administrative and legal obstacles is now discounted locally at NCBJ when the group has become a valuable and sought after asset in any project.


  • Piotr Mazerewicz (team leader)
  • Jakub Szymanowski
  • Krystian Grodzicki
  • Andrzej Bigos
  • Leszczek Szubiński
  • Marian Laskus
  • Mirosław Snopek