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XFEL news

European XFEL plans ultrahigh-speed network connection to Poland

Euroean XFEL press release: Data from experiments will also be processed at partner institute NCBJ in Otwock-Swierk. ----

European XFEL inaugurated

European XFEL free electron laser built in Hamburg was inaugurated on September 1, 2017. The laser has brought about quite new experimental opportunities to physicists, chemists, biologists, and engineers all over the world. NCBJ co-owns the facility. ----

Particle accelerator for the European XFEL laser commissioned

DESY and European XFEL GmbH company have jointly announced that commissioning of a superconducting accelerator that is to feed the European XFEL laser has just been concluded in research centre in Hamburg. The team that built the accelerator included scientists and technicians from Poland. NCBJ is a partner in the project. ----

First electrons in European XFEL

European XFEL electron injector (photo Dirk Nölle, DESY)
Succesful acceleration of first electrons in XFEL electron injector is a major milestone in development of the European Free-Electron X-ray Laser. Eu-XFEL Accelerator Consortium has assigned NCBJ the task to produce and deliver some 1.2 million Euro worth components of control circuitry to-be-deployed at XFEL research stands. The assignment is a sure sign of recognition of capabilities of Polish science/industry. ----