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Data ogłoszenia: 
22 wrz 2021 - 16:15
Termin zbierania ofert: 
23 paź 2021 - 23:45

Work location: Otwock-Świerk near Warsaw or Warsaw

Who are we?

The Świerk Computing Centre (CIŚ) is one of the largest supercomputing centres in Poland, and it is a part of National Centre for Nuclear Research. Our infrastructure not only supports “Maria”, the only research nuclear reactor in Poland, it is also utilized to crunch data collected by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the European XFEL (free electron laser). We also do research and commercial projects in the area of Machine Learning, Big Data, High Performance Computing and many areas of Physics. We are a young team of enthusiasts working with cutting edge technology to create novel IT solutions that can cope with analysis of huge data sets. At our core we are a research institute which translates to a creative atmosphere and personal development possibilities.

Who are we looking for?

Join us to participate in our latest Artificial Intelligence projects as researcher and project leader.
We are looking for a researcher with experience in Machine Learning and interest in developing of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence area. We will work with manage High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure for Big Data and distributed machine learning applications and  the development of novel Deep Learning models. We are looking for experienced Machine Learning specialists to develop novel ML models for many areas like robotics, automatization, real time computer vision, IT security, and others.


  • PhD's title obtained after 20 September 2013 year. 
  • didn't live, work or study in Poland, and (s)he did not manage the grant implemented in Poland after 20 December 2019 year.
  • (s)he has scientific achievements and international experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (including successes in commercialization and cooperation with business)

Only persons who meet the requirements specified by NCBR i NCN in the Regulations of issuing grant for building Center of Excellence AI (see: are eligible to apply.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • provide research in area of distributed Deep Learning
  • understanding needs and fast prototyping of solutions
  • provide research in accelerating of deep learning solutions
  • analysis of diverse data sets
  • leading of projects

We appreciate:

  • practical knowledge of a number of machine learning and scientific toolkits: Keras, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, SciPy/NumPy, pandas, Jupyter
  • familiarity with good programming practices and design patterns
  • good theoretical basis - understanding how tools work under the hood
  • versatile flexible developers or researchers
  • experience in image or signal processing
  • experience in robotics
  • experience in network security area
  • familiarity with parallel processing techniques or asynchronous programming
  • experience with GPGPU or FPGA or C/C++ programming
  • good knowledge of Linux
  • passion and thirst for knowledge
  • contribution to open source projects
  • sharing knowledge culture

Some examples of our projects are:

  • PraceLab2 — Cooperation in the field of advanced computing in Europe, include developing of the Big Data & Artificial Intelligence laboratory
  • Sentinel — Research on developing Deep Learning and similar solutions for detection of security issues in Industrial Ethernet Networks used to control Critical Infrastructure like for example nuclear reactors.
  • National Cybersecurity Platform — detection of anomalies or cyberattacks in network traffic using machine learning (
  • European XFEL — free electron laser 
  • KMD2 — National Data Storage. Universal infrastructure for storage and sharing of data and efficient processing of large volumes of data models HPC, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

What we offer

  • access to cutting edge technology
  • participation in innovative multidisciplinary research projects
  • possibility to attend local and foreign conferences
  • trainings and broad development opportunities
  • creative atmosphere within young team focused on innovative,
  • state-of-the-art solutions
  • stable working conditions without overtimes
  • additional annual remuneration, and a package of benefits from the Company     Social Benefits Fund (including co-financing of rest)
  • commuting to work within the company's own transport network
  • health service at NCBJ (basic medical care)

Send your application via e-mail to:

We reserve the right to contact only selected candidates and the right to inform about the decision to fill the post only to the selected candidate.

As an attachment to your application please sign and enclose the following declarations:

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Information in accordance with Article 13 RODO on the processing of personal data:

  1. The Personal Data Controller of your personal data is the National Centre for Nuclear Research (hereinafter referred to as Controller or NCBJ) with its registered office in Otwock, 7 Andrzej Sołtan Street, 05-400 Otwock. 
  2. Your personal data will be processed for recruitment purposes on the basis of applicable law, including the Labour Code.  Data not required by law, provided by you in your documents, will be processed on the basis of your consent. Your consent is given by the transfer of this data.
  3. The full content of the information clause of Article 13 RODO is available at


The National Centre for Nuclear Research is awarded by “HR Excellence in Research”. Recruitment is based on OTM-R system (Open, Transparent and Merit-based recruitment practices in Research Performing Organisations).