Technical - economic assessment of the HTR-SMR concepts for industrial and municipal power and heat supplies. A case of Poland.

Kierownik kontraktu badawczego w NCBJ prof. Wacław Gudowski 

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Instytucja finansująca: Miedzynarodowa Agencja Energii Atomowej



W ramach projektu: Economic Appraisal of Small Modular Reactors Projects: Methodo logies and Applications

Start projektu 1 września 2020 r.

SUMMARY OF PROPOSED RESEARCH: The project will be focused on assessing of predicted needs for power and heat generation in a few scenario of the economical development of the country/region with different decarbon isation/degasification constraints. Focus on regional (sub-state) and municipal development in terms of energy (power and heat) supply needs. Local communities will be involved in finding optimal energy supply policies. Finding optimal solutions for fossil-free energy systems in synergy of nuclear and renewable energy systems. Development of the optimal business models for HTR-SMR deployment strategies - Working with !ocal communities on public acceptance of nuclear power systems.