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Polish filmmakers may use NCBJ-operated supercomputer on preferential terms

Magdalena Sroka and Krzysztof Kurek are signing intention letter on cooperation between Polish Film Institute (PISF) and NCBJ (photo Marcin Kułakowski, PISF)
NCBJ and Polish Film Institute (PISF) have signed intention letter on sponsorship of Polish filmmakers. They will gain access on preferential terms to rendering services offered by the Renderownia Świerk centre in NCBJ. ----

Science for technology, medicine and environment protection

May 13, 2016 -- an Open Day in NCBJ
Within the framework of the 3rd Open Days of European Funds all interested in cooperation with/offer of  NCBJ are invited to come to Świerk on Friday, May 13, 2016. Five groups each of 25 visitors will be admitted. Each prospective visitor must fill up registration form and supply his/her personal data by an e-mail (see the form for instructions). Free-of-charge bus transport between Otwock railway station and Świerk Research Centre will be provided. An unattended parking for private cars will be available next to the Centre entrance gate. ----

Scientific picnic organized at National Stadium in Warsaw

During scientific picnic organized on premises of National Stadium in Warsaw NCBJ employees familiarized visitors of booth F18 with various topics related to medical applications of ionising radiation. ----

Świerk meeting of future users of European XFEL beams

Inside European XFEL tunnel (photo European XFEL database)
Scientists interested in research on beams to be generated by European XFEL (X-ray Free Electron Laser) met in Świerk on April 26, 2016. NCBJ is a shareholder of an international pro­jec­t to develop that unique large research facility worth more than 1.22 billion Eu­ro. Poland will soon co-own all future discoveries and results of experiments performed at the facility. ----