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EUROfusion officials in Świerk

Professor Donne and Dr. Litaudon are visiting the MARIA research reactor (photo M. Pawłowski, NCBJ)
Professor A.J.H. Donne,  EUROfusion international consortium Programme Manager, and Dr. X. Litaudon, Head of EUROfusion's ITER Physics Department visited NCBJ and met with Polish participants of the consortium. The guests were presented with NCBJ research/constructional potential that might be harnessed in R&D works on future fusion reactors. ----

Vice-president of Iran in NCBJ

Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, Vice-president of Iran, in NCBJ (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
Delegation of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran headed by Dr. Ali Akbar Salehi, Vice-president of Iran and President of Iranian National Atomic Energy Agency, visited Świerk on November 9, 2016. The talks concerned perspectives of tightening scientific cooperation between Iran and Poland. ----

NCBJ Rendering Centre services for film makers

A frame from the "A Game of Thrones” movie (© HBO 2012)
A group of filmmakers visited NCBJ on November 4. Our guests saw the MARIA research reactor and Świerk Computer Centre (CIŚ) with its powerful supercomputer. The Centre runs a programme to sponsor Polish film art, within framework of which the filmmakers may use the CIŚ supercomputer power to render their films at reduced prices. The services are available via NCBJ Rendering Centre ( ----

NCBJ-developed CANIS cargo scanning system enters the market

Mikołaj Broniszewski, PID Polska President, and Krzysztof Kurek, NCBJ Director General at the ceremony of signing the reached agreement on cooperation (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
NCBJ and the PID Polska company have reached a cooperation agreement on commercialization of the NCBJ-developed CANIS Cargo Scanning System. This is a milestone towards commercialization of that unique Hi-Tech technology. ----

Professor Andrzej Hrynkiewicz passed away

Professor An­drzej Hryn­kie­wicz
With deep regret we would like to inform that Professor Andrzej Hrynkiewicz passed away on October 13, 2016 at the age of 91. He was an outstanding Polish physicist active in the field of nuclear physics and solid state physics. ----