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Anti-terrorist exercise in Świerk

Anti-terrorist exercise in Świerk (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
National System of Contamination Detection & Alerting (KSWSiA) has been put to a nation-wide test dubbed “Patrol-15”. Anti-terrorist game played in NCBJ on November 19, 2015 was an episode of that test. ----

New NCBJ Director General

Associate Professor Eng. Krzysztof Kurek, NCBJ new  Director General (photo.NCBJ)
NCBJ, the largest research Institute in Poland, has a new Director General. The post held for the last 8 years by Professor Grzegorz Wrochna (till September 2011 Director of Institute for Nuclear Studies, NCBJ’s predecessor) has been taken over by Associate Professor Eng. Krzysztof Kurek, former NCBJ Secretary for Scientific Matters. ----

Research on 4th generation nuclear reactors

Layout of the 4th generation reactor developed within the Allegro project framework (source: World Nuclear News)
Coordinators of the Allegro research project run by the ESNII consortium and members of the V4G4 association Steering Committee met on October 21–22 in NCBJ. The so-far done research on 4th generation gas-cooled nuclear reactors have been summed up and schedule of works planned for the coming months was accepted. ----

Professor Janusz Wilczyński passed away

Professor Janusz Wilczyński
With deep regret we inform that Professor Janusz Wilczyński passed away on the night October 21/22, 2015. NCBJ Management and Scientific Council ----

Diplomatic business advisors visited Świerk

Club of Business Advisors members visiting NCBJ (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
NCBJ was visited by a group of foreign diplomats associated in Club of Business Advisors at the Polish National Chamber of Commerce. During their stay in Świerk the diplomats familiarized themselves with the structure, the current research potential, and the currently available commercial offer of the largest research Institute in Poland. ----