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NCBJ-DESY cooperation agreement prolonged

Agreement on prolongation of NCBJ-DESY (Deut­sches Elek­tronen Syn­ch­ro­tron) cooperation was recently signed in Hamburg by Dr. Krzysz­tof Ku­rek, NCBJ Director General. Polish delegation led by Prof. Ma­ciej Cho­row­ski, Director of National Centre for Research & Development (who represented also during that visit Polish Mi­ni­stry of Science and Higher Education) witnessed also the delivery of a next batch of elements manufactured in Poland as “in-kind” contribution to development of European Free Electron Laser (XFEL). ----

NCBJ experts in Minister of Energy’s Advisory Committee

Members of the Minister of Energy’s Advisory Committee for High Temperature Reactors (HTR)
The Energy Minister has established an advisory committee to analyse and prepare conditions for the implementation of high-temperature nuclear reactors (HTR). The first committee meeting was held on the 20th of July and involved an official nomination for committee experts. ----

State-of-the-art system monitors radioactivity of water supplied to the Warsaw municipal network

SOutcomes of the TAWARA project have been evaluated on a meeting held in Warsaw (photo Marcin Jakubowski, NCBJ)
Real-time operation and speed of response are the most important advantages of an innovative system to monitor radioactivity of water fed to municipal water supply network. The system has been developed with participation of NCBJ scientists. Inhabitants of Warsaw are the first in the world who are protected by that state-of-the-art solution. ----

NCBJ on World Nuc­le­ar Exhi­bi­tion in Paris

NCBJ participated in 2016 World Nuc­le­ar Exhi­bi­tion (photo NCBJ)
NCBJ participated in the second edition of the World Nuc­le­ar Exhi­bi­tion fair in Paris held this year on June 28-30, 2016. Our exposition was a part of the Polish national booth or­ga­ni­zed by the Polish Mi­ni­stry of Ener­gy. ----