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Świerk meeting of future users of European XFEL beams

Inside European XFEL tunnel (photo European XFEL database)
Scientists interested in research on beams to be generated by European XFEL (X-ray Free Electron Laser) met in Świerk on April 26, 2016. NCBJ is a shareholder of an international pro­jec­t to develop that unique large research facility worth more than 1.22 billion Eu­ro. Poland will soon co-own all future discoveries and results of experiments performed at the facility. ----

President of National Atomic Energy Agency visited Świerk

Andrzej Przybycin, President of National Atomic Energy Agency (photo NAEA)
During his visit paid to Świerk on April 22, 2016, Mr. An­drzej Przy­by­cin, Acting President of National Atomic Energy Agency (NAEA), and the accompanying persons familiarized themselves with current status of works conducted at the MA­RIA reactor/POLATOM radioisotope centre/NCBJ Accelerating Structures Lab, and with models of particle accelerators currently commercially offered by NCBJ. ----

CERN/NCBJ cooperation agreement extended

K.Kurek, NCBJ Director General (left), and Dr. Frédérick Bordry, CERN Director for Accelerator Tech­no­lo­gies (right) (photo CERN)
On April 20, 2016 Professor Krzysz­tof Ku­rek, NCBJ Director General, and Dr Frédérick Bor­dry, CERN Director for Accelerator Tech­no­lo­gies, signed an agreement on future CERN/NCBJ cooperation. Particular emphasis was put on further R&D works aimed to improve performance of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) accelerator. ----

11th edition of the „Path of Physics” contest concluded

The „Path of Physics” contest finals (photo Copernicus Science Centre)
On April 9, 2016 the high-school students qualified to the „Path of Physics” contest finals presented their works at premises of Institute of Physics PAS in Warsaw to contest jury, organizers, tutors/teachers, and invited guest. The guests included Professor Marian Grynberg from Warsaw University (a member of the contest Advisory Committee), Professor Jerzy Zachorowski from Jagiellonian University (Cracow) and Dr. Krzysztof Karpierz from Warsaw University. ----