Professor Lech Szymanowski

(BP2) Theoretical Physics Division
National Centre for Nuclear Research
02-093 Warsaw, ul. Pasteura 7,
Room 419a
tel. 22 273 28 23

Research interests:

The subject of my theoretical studies within Quantum Chromodynamics is description of scattering processes of elementary particles occurring at high and medium energies and which subjects of measurements presently performed experiments at LHC (CERN), JLab (USA), JPark (Japan) or experiments in planned new accelerators like the Electron Ion Collider or FAIR (GSI, Germany).

I am particularly interested in description of the so called hard scattering processes, which involve a large parameter (one or several) called the hard scale. It permits to factorize in the scattering amplitude of a considered process  hard parts which can be treated using perturbative field theoretical methods and soft parts sensitive to nonperturbative dynamics of stron interactions responsible for confinement of partons inside hadrons. The soft parts permit to uncover information about multidimensional parton distributions inside mesons and hadrons as well as about subtle features of strong interactions confined inside them partons.

The list of publications :


Professor Lech Szymanowski