GEMINI 4.0 Summer school HTR for Cogeneration 2024, September 24 – 26

GEMINI 4.0 Summer school HTR for Cogeneration 2024

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24 Sep, 2024 - 26 Sep, 2024

The main focus of the summer school will be the industrial applications of high temperature nuclear cogeneration, with also a short training on HTGR technologies
The summer school organized by the GEMINI 4.0 project has following objectives:

  • Prepare a young generation of engineers and scientists to contribute to the development of nuclear energy and its application for reducing greenhouse gas emissions beyond the sector of power generation to the sectors of industry and transport.
  • Address the concerns of the young generation for climate change and make them aware about the solutions that nuclear energy can provide in the short term not only for power generation, but also, with HTGR, for the other sources of greenhouse gas emissions, which represent the majority of such emissions.

The summer school will be held in Poland
NCBJ headquarters
7 Andrzeja Sołtana str., Otwock-Świerk