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Science and Technology Park Świerk

Webinar 7.05.2024


Uprzejmie informujemy, że na naszą prośbę Mazowiecka Jednostka Wdrażania Programów Unijnych  organizuje webinar dnia 07.05.2024 w godz. 12-14.30, podczas którego zostaną przedstawione zasady naboru wniosków w ramach Priorytetu I – Fundusze Europejskie dla bardziej konkurencyjnego i inteligentnego Mazowsza, Działania 1.1 Badania, rozwój i innowacje przedsiębiorstw, Typ projektu: Projekty badawczo-rozwojowe dla programu Fundusze Europejskie dla Mazowsza 2021-2027.

Szczegóły są dostępne TUTAJ.

The Science and Technology Park Świerk has been successfully linking the world of science and business since 2015, supporting innovative entrepreneurship in the region. This unique place on the map of Mazovia was established as an organizational unit of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ).


We are here to strengthen the competitiveness of the region's businesses through the use of scientific research results and the successful commercialization of innovations. 

Modern companies that see their way to business success precisely in innovation and cooperation with scientists are located in our Park. We support them through:

  • organizing research and development work;
  • conducting technology transfer;
  • leasing office, warehouse and laboratory space;
  • involvement in national and international projects;
  • promoting solutions in Poland and abroad;
  • facilitating cooperation with BIG SCIENCE institutions such as CERN, F4E, ITER, XFEL.

The services of PNT can be used by companies of all sizes - startups, SMEs and large corporations. The quality of our support is evidenced by our status as an accredited Business Environment Institution with the profile of Innovation Center, which the Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship granted us in November 2022.

Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Świerk od dnia 14.11.2022 jest oficjalnie akredytowaną Instytucją Otoczenia Biznesu

We support innovation

Park Naukowo Technologiczny Świerk jest częścią Narodowego Centrum Badań Jądrowych (NCBJ), jednego z największych instytutów badawczych w Polsce. Ścisła współpraca z NCBJ daje nam możliwość połączenia wieloletniej praktyki naukowej, doświadczenia projektowego i zasobów ludzkich z zapleczem infrastrukturalnym i maszynowym.



The Science and Technology Park Świerk is part of the National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), one of the largest research institutes in Poland. Close cooperation with NCBJ gives us the opportunity to combine many years of scientific practice, project experience and human resources with infrastructure and machinery facilities.

Our mission is to create a space where science meets the world of business, among other things, by:

  • popularizing cooperation with the largest European research laboratories as a source of innovative orders and modern technologies that can be implemented in Polish companies. On the basis of this experience, we are able to prepare domestic industry to carry out tasks and orders for infrastructures included in the Polish Road Map of Research Infrastructures;
  • promoting, acquiring and brokering tenders to the world's largest Big Science research centers (e.g. CERN, INTER, F4E, ESS, ESA, ESO);
  • supporting innovation and commercialization of scientific research and development work.

The Focal Point we run is designed to facilitate access to projects and orders created by European and national research infrastructures for Polish innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists.

About NCBJ

Narodowe Centrum Badań Jądrowych (NCBJ) to instytut badawczy z ponad 70-cioletnią historią. Jego sercem jest jedyny w Polsce i jeden z najnowocześniejszych w Europie badawczy reaktor jądrowy MARIA. Centrum prowadzi zarówno badania podstawowe związane z fizyką jądrową, jak i prace mające na celu wykorzystanie jej w przemyśle i medycynie. Obecnie Instytut przygotowuje się do wsparcia technicznego dla polskiego programu jądrowego.



The National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) is a research institute with more than 70 years of history. At its heart is the MARIA nuclear research reactor, the only one in Poland and one of the most modern in Europe. The centre conducts both basic research related to nuclear physics and work aimed at its use in industry and medicine. The institute is currently preparing to provide technical support for the Polish nuclear program.

Scientific staff

The strength of NCBJ is its people. Of the more than 1,100 people who work at the Centre, almost 30% are scientific staff, including more than 230 at the rank of doctor, post-doctoral and professor. NCBJ scientists participate in numerous international projects, collaborate with scientific institutes from all over the world, including Big Science centers, and are authors of more than 500 publications a year. In 2017, the Institute was awarded the highest scientific category A+ and became a partner of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) at the European Commission.

Scientific research

NCBJ conducts very broad scientific research. They include atomic nucleus and particle physics, but also astrophysics and cosmology. Scientists are involved in the development of new materials and technologies for obtaining them. Soon the scope of research will expand even further. It is here that one of the world's most modern radioisotope research and production centers is being built. Also in the pipeline is the construction of Poland's first free-electron laser and a research high-temperature reactor. The knowledge derived from the research is also continuously popularized in industry, public services and in universities and colleges through lectures and laboratory classes.

Cooperation with industry

NCBJ conducts research and scientific experiments whose results can be used in many industries. These include materials, biological and technological research. It provides design and construction services and non-destructive testing on behalf of companies. The center is one of the world's largest producers of iodine-131 and mobibden-99 used in nuclear medicine. NBCJ also manufactures linear electron gas pedals for medicine, industry and science.

NCBJ's offerings are growing rapidly, just as the Centre's staff and research infrastructure are developing. We encourage you to learn more about it in detail on the website:

About the region


The Mazowieckie Voivodeship is located in the heart of Poland, and is home to nearly 5.5 million people. A place that attracts investment, it combines high scientific potential with dynamic economic growth. The province is home to nearly a hundred universities, both public and private. Many of them rank at the very front of the country's top universities. These include:

  • Warsaw University
  • Warsaw School of Economics
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Military University of Technology
  • University of Applied Computer Science and Management
  • Warsaw Medical University
  • Kozminski University

Such high intellectual potential translates into the number of companies. There are almost 700,000 companies in our province, and the most popular specializations include:

  • finance
  • ICT
  • renovation and construction services
  • medical services

The Science and Technology Park Świerk is located in the Warsaw region in Otwock district, about 25 km southeast of Warsaw. The district is characterized by a high rate of urbanization (62%) and population (124,000). Due to its proximity to the capital and convenient rail and car transportation, many businesses and residents of the capital are moving to the Otwock area.  

Almost 18,000 companies are registered in the Otwock district, most of which are microenterprises. As many as 10% of them are individuals engaged in business of an innovative, scientific and technical nature!

We are convinced that such a high rate is influenced by the proximity of our National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk.

PNT for companies investing in R&D


Companies that want to build their business success on the basis of innovation and R&D results will find special support at the Science and Technology Park. For them, our embedding in the National Centre for Nuclear Research and partnership in many international projects are a guarantee of access to cutting-edge technologies and top-class scientists in many fields. We invite large and SME companies to cooperate with us. We also encourage foreign companies that are looking for the best location for their R&D departments.

We have extensive experience in developing models of cooperation between enterprise and science. We can find scientific partners, help prepare the necessary documents and coordinate all work related to the implementation of R&D projects.

You are also welcome to participate in the projects we carry out PNT and to use the infrastructure of our Park.


Laboratories and scientific research

R&D work is the basis of innovation development. Much of it can be done in cooperation with NCBJ. The Park itself also has its own laboratories, which can be used by companies in the design, testing and production phases of products.


Office spaces

Direct proximity to one of the largest and most dynamically developing research institutes in Poland brings many advantages. It is worth considering relocating your R&D department to our Park. We have an interesting offer to lease office and laboratory space, as well as warehouse space.


Organization of conferences

For many companies, the organization of larger or smaller meetings, trainings and conferences is a serious logistical confession. At our Świerk conference center, we are happy to undertake the professional organization of such events, as well as provide tasty catering.



Big Science Projects

It's hard to get access to more cutting-edge technology than is happening in Big Science projects. The solutions created there, already within a year or two of their release, can become the subject of technology transfer. It is also worth enrolling in Big Science's supplier base, developing your own businesses, building competence as well as reaping not only financial benefits from this cooperation.