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We believe in the power of people - teams and their leaders. Our ambition is to create the best place to work for people who want to change the world - bold, creative, passionate. The Institute is a place that radiates and attracts the best scientists and experts.

Science is about endless curiosity and the desire to create. Our team's mission is to create an inspiring, dynamic working environment that fosters multi-directional research, design and technical teams. Our activities are driven by a shared commitment and belief in a diversity of perspectives. Therefore, an area we are particularly concerned about is communication.

The world is changing. We know how important it is to provide opportunities for continuous growth. We want to accompany employees at every stage of their progress. We get to know their needs, support them and celebrate successes along the way together. We create an environment where discussion, exchange of ideas, inspirational talks and opportunities to learn from experienced mentors are of value.

If you are looking for a workplace where your unique contribution is respected, where international collaboration is welcomed and your professional development is the focus, then we welcome you to our Institute.

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Job offers

Currently we are recruiting:



PhD student scholarship – Properties of low surface brightness galaxies in the LSST era


We are currently recruiting for a PhD student scholarship financed by the NCN MAESTRO project



PhD student scholarship – Low surface brightness galaxies in the LSST era as a Big Data challenge


We are currently recruiting for a PhD student scholarship financed by the NCN MAESTRO project “Barely Visible: Low Surface Brightness Universe in the LSST era,”



PhD student scholarship – Quantum Chromodynamics at High Energies


Obecnie prowadzona jest rekrutacja na stanowisko stypendysty-doktoranta w projekcie NCN SONATA-BIS 13 UMO-2023/50/E/ST2/00133



Professor of the Institute | NOMATEN


Obecnie prowadzona jest rekrutacja do MAB NOMATEN.



PhD student position within the POLONEZ BIS i JRC – Petten | MAB NOMATEN


The National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC) are inviting applications in the field of "Non-power nuclear and radiological technologies" for a Ph.D. position through the Collaborative Doctoral Partnerships (CDP) scheme (Agreement n. 36149).

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