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NCBJ was established 10 years ago

"On August 22 (2011), an ordinance of the Council of Ministers was published establishing the National Center for Nuclear Research as of September 1, 2011. The government's decision to merge the POLATOM Institute of Atomic Energy and the Institute for Nuclear Problems ends the nearly 30-year period of the destruction of Świerk. The Institute for Nuclear Research is being reborn under a new name and with new tasks. " ----

High-temperature irradiation rig started its operation in the MARIA reactor core

Sonda wysokotemperaturowa przygotowywana na stanowisku testowym w NCBJ
Since 27th of August, 2021 irradiation rig has been successfully operating in the core of MARIA reactor. This installation allows irradiation of material samples at temperature of 1000°C, that’s under conditions prevailing in HTGR reactors. The device was built at Polish National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) as part of the GoHTR project. ----

NOMATEN: software for analyzing microscopic images of materials using machine learning

Kolaż dekoracyjny
Large Data is common across materials science. Cross-correlating and understanding data from material surfaces is very important since there is typically a direct connection to physical properties. Also, it is very important to use this data to reconstruct the actual microstructure and perform simulations in a computer at the molecular or larger scale. However, understanding of Large Data requires the application of statistical and machine learning techniques. Further, simulations require efficient microstructural reconstruction techniques. Stefanos Papanikolaou's group at NOMATEN investigates such issues. ----

A new theoretical description of the forced release of energy from nuclear isomeric states

A simplified diagram of the process of forced energy release from the 93mMo (21/2 +, 2425 keV) isomer under the conditions of ion (93Mo) -atom (12C) interaction.
Polish and American scientists have published a paper presenting an attempt to describe a promising process that allows the use of "on demand" energy previously stored in nuclear isomeric states. This process has recently been experimentally observed. The presented approach improves the results of previous theoretical analyzes. ----

30 years of Poland at CERN

On July 1, 1991, Poland gained the status of a full member of CERN. Located near Geneva, CERN's constantly expanded complex of accelerators and laboratories forms the most powerful research center on Earth. Polish scientists collaborated with him since the end of the 1950s. Our scientists have also been among them for several decades. ----

The new research equipment for HTGR undergoes the first tests in the MARIA reactor

HTGR - testy
Scientists from the NCBJ Reactor Research Department have designed a probe that allows samples to be irradiated at a temperature of over 1000 degrees, which is under the conditions prevailing in HTGR reactors. The first tests in the MARIA reactor turned out to be very promising. ----

Minister's scholarship for Dr. Paweł Sznajder

dr Paweł Sznajder
Dr. Paweł Sznajder from the NCBJ Department of Theoretical Physics received a three-year scholarship from the Minister of Education and Science for outstanding young scientists demonstrating significant achievements in scientific activity in 2021. Research interests of Dr. Paweł Sznajder are related to comprehensive studies of generalized parton distributions (GPDs). ----