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In memory of Professor Eryk Infeld

Professor Eryk Infeld passed away
He combined talent with great diligence and enthusiasm. He had a particular ability to create and perform detailed analyses of complex mathematical models for practical physical problems. He was also a humanist, he was familiar with literature and art. He was a man of thought, inspiring for his surroundings. Always smiling, with great sense of humour. He was kind and patient towards everyone. He passed away on 14th March 2019. We will truly miss Him. ----

FASER – new LHC experiment with strong Polish accent

    Another experiment by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be built in CERN. One of its originators is Polish, Dr Sebastian Trojanowski from NCBJ Theoretical Physics Division. FASER – as the new installation is to be called – will be a multidetector designed to search for long-lived particles that are produced during collisions in LHC and which can be a signal of existence of the hypothetical dark matter. ----

Hoża is just history now

Hoża Street and Pasteura Street (foto: Marek Pawłowski /NCBJ)
The last professors have carried out last desks from the previous NCBJ pavilion at Hoża 69. Now our Warsaw divisions will be placed Pasteur Street 7 on the Ochota Campus. Specifically, on the second, fourth and fifth floor of a building shared with Faculty of Physics and other units of University of Warsaw. ----

Excavation for foundations of CERAD laboratory is waiting for the first concrete

Excavation for foundations of CERAD laboratory (foto: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ)
Work for preparing the construction site of Centre for Design and Synthesis of Molecularly Targeted Radiopharmaceuticals „CERAD” has been done. The whole investment is to be completed in 2021. ----

NCN: Over 6 million PLN grants for scientists from Department of Fundamental Research

logo NCN
Results of the most recent competitions from National Science Centre MAESTRO, HARMONIA and SONATA BIS. HARMONIA grant will be given to Professor Agnieszka Pollo for project VIPERS and furthermore… SONATA BIS grants will be given to Professor Justyna Łagoda (Precise measurement of neutrino oscillations… T2K), Dr Katarzyna Małek (ASTROdust project…) and Dr Przemysław Małkiewicz (for research on quantum origin of cosmic expansion and primordial structures). ----

Sowa has been presented to the potential users

Sowa (foto: NCBJ)
On 13th February, Science and Technology Park „Świerk” held a presentation of a relocatable automobile scanning system Sowa, which was designed in NCBJ. Guests of the presentation included journalists, customs service representatives, as well as potential distributors. Sowa is the first relocatable automobile X-ray scanning system in the world, which ensures safety, high speed and precision of inspection. ----

Further call for Ph.D. studentships in new reactor technologies

The National Centre for Nuclear Research announces the further round of applications for doctoral studies in reactor physics within the framework of the project “New reactor concepts and safety analyses for the Polish Nuclear Energy Program”. All the candidates with both science and engineering undergraduate degrees are welcome to apply though a very strong educational background is expected from the candidates. The deadline for applications is 25th of March 2019. ----

Simulation of cyberattack for training in European Union Agency for Network and Information Security

foto: Marek Pawłowski / NCBJ
CyberLab cybersecurity laboratory in Świerk is expanding their research work and international cooperation. At the end of last year the lab generated examples of network traffic that happens during a cyberattack on an industrial network. The data will serve to train security experts by European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and were recently added to Agency’s training materials. ----