News Date

The last professors have carried out last desks from the previous NCBJ pavilion at Hoża 69. Now our Warsaw divisions will be placed Pasteur Street 7 on the Ochota Campus. Specifically, on the second, fourth and fifth floor of a building shared with Faculty of Physics and other units of University of Warsaw.

Furnishing new rooms, unpacking and adaptation works are being currently carried out. The new location, similar to the one by Hoża street, will house divisions of NCBJ Department of Fundamental Research: Nuclear Physics Division (BP1), HTheoretical Physics Division (BP2), High Energy Physics Division (BP3) and Astrophysics Division (BP4). It is worth noting, that this is not the only location of NCBJ away from Świerk: Cosmic Ray Physics Lab of NCBJ Astrophysics Division is located in Łódź.

Phone numbers from Warsaw branch of NCBJ employees have also changed. Current numbers can be found at YP pages, available only from computers connected to the NCBJ network.


Hoża i Pasteura (foto: Marek Pawłowski /NCBJ)