Radioisotope Centre POLATOM offers a wide range of products for the diagnosis and treatment, such as iodine-131 preparates, radionuclide generators of 99Mo / 99mTc, precursors for the preparation of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, sealed radioactive sources and user-specific radioactive preparations. POLATOM also offers accessories and services for nuclear medicine units.

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Mechanical, structural and non-destructive testing

The NCBJ laboratories are equipped with modern instruments for destructive and non-destructive material testing, including strength and high-temperature testing. These allow scientists to accurately determine the behaviour of materials and their properties under extreme conditions.

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Materials simulations

  • Simulations of components subjected to mechanical and thermal loading.
  • Microstructure evolution - large plastic deformations.
  • Determination of material parameters of non-standard models.
  • Customised software solutions for individual datasets.
  • Artificial intelligence-based customised image analysis software.
  • Customised chatbots and datasets created using large language models and transformers.
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Department of Nuclear Equipment HITEC develops, manufactures, sells and services equipment with applications in the industrial and medical sectors, including the LILLYPUT series of linear accelerators designed for non-destructive testing and an electron accelerator for intra-operative therapy.

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Radiation protection measurements

Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory is involved in the assessment of the impact of the Świerk nuclear centre on the surroundings and monitoring of exposure to ionising radiation of NCBJ personnel.

The LPD provides services to external entities in the field of calibration of dosimetry apparatus, dosimetry measurements and training and expertise in the field of dosimetry and radiological protection.


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We offer bus rental, as well as service facilities and a bus and truck repair workshop.

We provide the Centre's employees and guests with transport via regular employee bus lines, connecting Świerk with Warsaw, Otwock and numerous surrounding towns. A detailed timetable of the company lines is available on the ZTS website.


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