An institute with expertise

We are one of the largest scientific institutes in Central Europe. Our Centre is also a unique research unit in the country. We have a very rich history and, above all, a huge scientific output, mainly in fields such as physics, nuclear and plasma technologies, astrophysics.

We conduct basic and applied research related to nuclear energy and various areas of subatomic physics.

Our work is interdisciplinary and covers the following scientific fields: physics, materials engineering, automation, electronics and space technologies, environmental engineering, mining and energy, and pharmaceutical sciences.


Interdisciplinarity and expertise


We carry out research and implementation work in fields such as: 

physics, materials engineering, automation, electronics and space technologies, environmental engineering, mining and energy, pharmaceutical sciences.

Unique and prestigious projects


We carry out projects with national and foreign funds of diverse research scope.

These include CERAD, PolFEL, HTGR, which aim to build strategic research infrastructure used for economic purposes.

Qualified specialists


We employ almost 1200 people. 

Among them are distinguished professors and a large number of doctoral students, as well as a cadre of highly qualified engineers and technicians who can design and build accelerators or operate and upgrade the reactor.


I am sure that NCBJ will continue to develop dynamically in the coming years and will maintain the highest level of basic and applied research as well as competences in the field of very demanding nuclear technologies.

- Prof. Krzysztof Kurek

NCBJ Director

NCBJ Management

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NCBJ Scientific Council

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NCBJ vision for the next 10 years

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For science

We conduct basic and applied research related to ionising radiation and related fields. We make use of a unique and large research infrastructure. We are constantly developing our competences. We collaborate with leading global and European research institutions. We participate both in the construction of the infrastructure and in experiments conducted in international teams using this infrastructure. We collaborate with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN in Geneva, participate in neutrino oscillation research in the T2K experiment in Japan, and take part in the construction of the innovative Hyper-Kamiokande experiment.
We are a recognised European centre for the development of nuclear and reactor technologies.

For economy

We conduct research on ionising radiation detectors and detector materials for leading manufacturers and scientific laboratories. We make unique electronics for detectors that are part of major scientific experiments. Components manufactured at the Institute include specialised medical apparatus and equipment as well as components for space missions.
We design and study materials for high-temperature, corrosion or radiation applications that are used in the nuclear, chemical and engineering industries.
We carry out materials research and R&D work related to the development of Generation IV nuclear reactor technology. We also have the infrastructure to analyse large data sets.


For the public

We offer a wide range of services to the public. We research, design and supply radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine. We carry out comprehensive safety analyses for the nuclear power programme. A staff training centre operates on our premises to develop nuclear physics-related knowledge among students. It also offers specialised courses in radiation safety. We have a high-powered computing centre that enables us to carry out tasks related to modelling of energy systems, environmental and industrial disasters. We are an expert resource for the nuclear power programme (TSO: Technical & Scientific Support Organisation).