What do we specialise in?

We carry out research, development and implementation work in the following fields: subatomic physics, radiation physics, materials physics, nuclear and plasma technologies, astrophysics, radiopharmaceuticals. We build particle acceleration devices and detectors with applications in economics, industry and medicine.

We collaborate with many scientific institutions nationally and internationally.
We have a modern research infrastructure.
We publish about 500 articles per year, which places the Institute among the leading scientific units in Poland. 
We owe this position to the high quality of research conducted by our scientists.

Publications per year
Projects per year
Years of tradition


We manufacture high-quality radiopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits for nuclear medicine.

Department of Nuclear Equipment HITEC

We develop, manufacture, sell and service equipment that has applications in the industrial and medical sectors.

NOMATEN Centre of Excellence

We conduct research resulting in new materials that are resistant to high temperatures, corrosion and radiation, which can be used in industry.

Interdisciplinary Division for Energy Analyses (IDEA)

We provide, among other things, tools and services to optimize the electricity market and grid infrastructure.

Department of Fundamental Research

We conduct research from the smallest particles of matter to the largest structures in the universe.

Material Physics Department

We study condensed matter phase physics, materials engineering and materials research.

Department of Nuclear Techniques and Equipment

We carry out work in the design, construction and use of nuclear apparatus and ionising radiation detection techniques and data analysis methods for research and application purposes.

Nuclear Facilities Operations Department

We conduct research on nuclear reactor physics and technology, ionising radiation dosimetry, radiological protection methods and nuclear safety, and other applications of nuclear technology

Department of Complex Systems

We maintain and expand the computing and networking infrastructure of high-powered computers in order to carry out and support research into very high complexity systems.

Radiation Protection Measurements Laboratory

We provide, among other services, calibration of dosimetry equipment, dosimetry measurements, and training and expertise in dosimetry and radiological protection.

Science and Technology Park Świerk

We connect the world of science and business. We support the innovative entrepreneurship of the region. Startups, small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations can benefit from our services.

Świerk Computing Centre

Świerk Computing Centre consolidates IT-related services and resources: supercomputing, numerical simulation, Big Data processing and artificial intelligence.