What do we specialise in?

We are responsible for organisational support of the Institute's research and scientific activities, as well as documenting and disseminating the scientific output.

In particular, we handle Institute's statutory activities:

  1. support of  the preparation of applications for funding for the Institute's statutory activities,
  2. collection and storage of documentation related to the planning, monitoring and reporting research tasks from the statutory activities of the Institute,
  3. organization of activities related to the end-of-the-year seminars reporting the realization of research tasks, organization of calls for research or development projects  for scientists at an early stage of their careers.

We source funds for research and development activities, in particular:

  • we provide information and advisory activity for potential applicants in obtaining funding for research and development activities,
  • we help in finding scientific partners and, in cooperation with PNT, business partners for scientifc and research and development projects,
  • we provide verification of documentation submitted by applicants for formal and legal compliance with the guidelines of competitions, programs and funds,
  • we collaboration with National Contact Points and national and international Technology Platforms,
  • we are responsible for accounting and storage of scientific network agreements, consortia, cooperation agreements, and similar documents.

We coordinate work related to the preparation of parametric evaluation of the Institute, and provide service for international cooperation.


You are cordially invited to cooperate.


  Edyta Sitnicka - Secretary's Office
  tel. +48 22 273 22 01
  email: edyta.sitnicka@ncbj.gov.pl