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His Excellency Mr. Akio MIYAJIMA, Ambassador of Japan, visited the National Center for Nuclear Research on April 6, 2023. The guest met with the director of NCBJ, prof. Krzysztof Kurek and visited the MARIA nuclear research reactor.

The Ambassador was accompanied by Mr. Nobumitsu KAMIO, First Secretary and Head of the Economics and Economic Cooperation Department, and Mr. Seiji MASUDA, Second Secretary of the Economics and Economic Cooperation Department. On the Polish side, the talks were attended by prof. Mariusz Dąbrowski, Head of the Department of Nuclear Power and Environmental Analysis of the National Center for Nuclear Research, and PhD. Józef Sobolewski, plenipotentiary of the NCBJ Director for the development of high-temperature reactors. During the visit to the reactor, guests were guided by Mr. Paweł Nowakowski, Director of the NCBJ Nuclear Facilities Operations Department and Mr. Marek Migdal, Head of the NCBJ Reactor Research Department. During the meeting, the Polish side presented information on the very fruitful cooperation between NCBJ and Japanese institutions to date, and prospects for future cooperation were discussed, particularly in the area of research on high-temperature reactors.


Delegacja japońska zwiedza reaktor badawczy MARIA