What do we specialise in?

Neutronics and New Techologies Section

The main areas of activities are:

  • neutron physics analysis of reactor cores with particular stress on research reactors:
    • fuel conversion studies,
    • feasibility and safety of test and irradiation rigs.
  • calculation of reactor core operational history, operational transients and core composition for various types of reactors, including GEN IV,
  • activities related to development Gas Cooled Reactor Technology,
  • activities related to nuclear cogeneration.

Range of the reactor core neutronic analyses:

  • operational safety analysis of reactor core:
    • reactivity excess,
    • fuel reloading,
    • fuel burnup monitoring.
  • power distribution monitoring,
  • safety calculations of Spent Fuel Storage and Transport Containers,
  • isotopic content and radiotoxicity of Spent Fuel as function of time.

Reactor Analyses Section

The main areas of activities are:

  • safety analyses of nuclear facilities – Safety assessment,
  • thermal-hydraulic analyses in operational states and design basis accidents:
    • analysis of phenomena occurring in power reactors, research reactors, experimental installations and other facilities,
    • system scale analyses and calculations of particular components,
    • development of models of phenomena, development and validation of computational tools.


  • analyses of failures within extended design conditions and severe accidents:
    • phenomena occurring in the core and the reactor vessel,
    • phenomena occurring in the containment,
    • assessment of potential releases of radioactive substances from power reactors or spent fuel storages – source term quantification.
  • nuclear fuel cycle analyses:
    • spent fuel recycling, transmutation,
    • fuel properties studies.

Centre for Hazard Analysis MANHAZ

The main areas of activities are:

  • risk analyses related to nuclear and chemical installations, transportation of dangerous substances by road, rail, water or industrial pipelines,
  • management of hazards for human health and environment, and computerized decision support systems in case of major industrial accidents,


  • probabilistic safety analyses of nuclear reactors,
  • advanced computer modelling of physical processes, in particular computational fluid dynamics and, transport and dispersion of dangerous substances in environment.



ul. Andrzeja Sołtana 7,
05-400 Otwock-Świerk,
email: UZ3@ncbj.gov.pl

Acting Division Head:

Professor. Mariusz Dąbrowski


tel. +48 22 273 14 30



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