What do we specialise in?

The tasks of the Division include the operation of the MARIA research reactor, in accordance with the principles of nuclear safety and radiological protection formulated in the Atomic Law and supplementary regulations and contained in the Operational Reactor Safety Report.

In the operation of the reactor, a fundamental role is played by the Operations Unit (DOM), whose tasks include:

  • supervisory activities such as: controlling the movement of people in the facility, coordinating the activities carried out in the facility, documenting the condition of the reactor and keeping records of the moving parts of the reactor core and the irradiated isotopes;
  • technical activities such as: operation of the control room during reactor start-up, power operation and reactor shut-down, inspection and testing of reactor process systems, analyses of the condition of the facility.

The Mechanical (DMM), Electrical (DEM) and Apparatus (DAM) Units group together the relevant specialists responsible for the technical condition of the equipment assigned to them, carrying out their inspections, tests and repairs, and maintaining the technical and operating records.

The Dosimetry Unit (DDM) is responsible for the radiological protection of reactor operating personnel, other occupants of the facility and carries out the control of radioactive releases from the reactor.


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