What do we specialise in?

The Department of Nuclear Methods of Solid State Physics is part of the Department of Materials Physics. It consists of two laboratories:
1. the Environmental Neutronography Laboratory
2. the X-ray Research Laboratory
The department specialises in X-ray and thermal neutron diffraction methods and neutron imaging. 
The experimental hall of the MARIA reactor, which houses the Environmental Neutronography Laboratory, is currently undergoing refurbishment, upon completion of which it will be possible to conduct: 
1) Crystal and magnetic structure studies under various conditions, including temperature scales and magnetic fields;
2) Studies on powder and monocrystalline diffractometers;
3) Measurements of internal stresses;
4) Studies of macroscopic objects carried out using dynamic neutron radiography involving analysis of images obtained when neutrons pass through such objects.

In research using neutron radiography, we specialise in the study of migration processes (during wetting and drying) of hydrogenated liquids in porous materials. Part of the research carried out within the framework of international cooperation concerns the cultural heritage of humanity, i.e. the study of archaeological artefacts.
Mono-crystalline X-ray diffraction studies allow the determination of elementary cell parameters, as well as crystallographic structures of organic compounds, including biologically active or MOF-type compounds.